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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Aadhavan Movie Review

Aadhavan Movie Review

To Start with Aadhavan was one of the most expected Movie of Surya after Ayan...and also because of the combination KS Ravi Kumar...created the Hype for the film...But Movie didn't live up to the my opinion.

Songs ,Surya and Vadivelu are the only reason for you to sit and watch..otherwise..there is nothing in the movie..

NayanThara has to do nothing except to dance for the songs...LOL

Good old story..Son returns home to save his father Murali from Criminals...a simple one line story...

The film is about a contract killer Aadhavan (Surya) – a man who can bump off anyone with an ease. His father (Shiyaji Shinde) makes a big deal with Abdul (Rahul Dev) and Aadhavan is assigned to kill a magistrate (Late actor Murali). But the sharpshooter misses his point and judge survives. Now, Aadhavan hatches the plan to assassinate the magistrate over his house, who’s enjoying his holidays with family members…

But every time he attempts to bump off the magistrate, there’s something deteriorating his plans.

And then, Aadhavan’s secret past brings an ultimate twist in the tale.

The film reminds you of various movies, say Rajnikanth starrer ‘Thai Veedu’ which in turn was a remake of Hindi movie ‘Jeet Hamari’. Surya excels with his adeptness over stunts, dialogue deliveries, dance and comedy as well. Vadivelu’s presence over 95% of the film offers more substantiality to the film. Indeed, his comedy tracks are rib-tickling which makes you laugh and enjoy it. 

My Opinion...can be avoided..still if you are a die hard fan of can watch it Once....