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Friday, 25 September 2009

Whats your Rashee-Movie Review

Whats your Rashee-Movie Review

Once again a slow and too lengthy movie to watch...3hrs 30 min is what it takes to know "whats your Rashee"
You have to be patient enough to watch the 13 songs and screenplay looks ..little weak as the time moves.
I dont know how to sit in a theater for more than 3 and half hours.
Priyanka chopra is brilliant in atleast half a dozen characters and it becomes enough by the time 6 of her characters introduced you feel exhausted.
Story Plot:
Gujarati NRI Guy due to family circumstances comes to find a gal to marry in 10 days,he wants to meet all the 12 zodiac sign gals before he decides the gal to marry.
Priyanka Chopra's Characters:
1.Anjali -Aries - Small town girl
2.Sanjana -Aquarius
3.Kajal -Gemini -College girl
4.Hansa -Cancer
5.Rajini -Libra
6.Chandrika -Pisces
7.Mallika -Leo -Dancer
8.Nandini -Scorpio
9.Bhavana -Sagittarius -Astrologer
10.Pooja -Virgo -Doctor
11.Vishaka -Taurus
12.Jhankhana -Capricorn

You can see I missed to define the half of the characters due to the boring screen play and end of the
movie was cursing myself for wasting my friday evening.......

People with patience can go and spend your weekend what i consider as a boring movie.